Lairds, Lasses, and a romantic tale for the ages…

Highlander's Unfaithful Bride

Thou shalt not uncover the nakedness of thy brother's wife…

Jean Duncan is about to marry the man she loves. Yet her dreams will all be crushed to pieces when she catches her betrothed with another. Devastated and shocked, all she needs is a ride to gather her thoughts. What she least expects, however, is to find solace in the bed of an unknown Highlander.

But when the morning comes, her duty forces her to leave this night behind.

Steafan Macqueen is the Laird’s illegitimate son. Having resigned himself to a life of solitude and seclusion, he’d never have reckoned that a wandering lass would teach him what desire really feels like. But as he wakes up without her, he realizes it just has been a hasty dream.

Deciding to move on is his only choice, so Steafan heads to his brother’s wedding. Yet, to his surprise, next to his brother sits the woman of his passionate adventure.

Now they’ll both have to make a risky decision: to either dishonor their clans by admitting their forbidden affair or to forget one another and slip into oblivion. But neither of the options will keep them out of harm’s way…

He was her shelter, she was his storm…

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My Story

Shona Thompson is an American based author of Historical Scottish Romance. She spent her student years in the majestic city of Edinburgh, where she fell in love with the history, the legends and the people of Scotland.

Her own Highlander husband was the one who inspired her and awoke her passion of writing. He became her muse, and all her love stories are dedicated to him.

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